A Sparkling WMS implementation with SodaStream

Another great Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS implementation delivered by the ‘TAP’ partners eWave Mobile and Socius24.

SodaStream is the No. 1 sparkling water brand in the world. Their vision is to see consumers worldwide turn their backs on disposable plastic bottles, hydrate more, live life healthier, and to the fullest. SodaStream installed a new WMS system to help them reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

When SodaStream used BlueYonder’s warehouse mobility technology, they became more efficient with order fulfillment and inventory management, allowing them to reduce inventory value from $120 million to $90 million.


On the speed of delivery:

“As we are doing plan-to-order manufacturing, any delay within the process will have a critical impact on our efficiency and also on order fulfillment rates. We use Blue Yonder’s mobility technology in our warehouses on the new campus. The technology allows us to be much more efficient in the way we are doing order fulfillment and in the way we are managing our inventory.”

Head of Global IT, SodaStream


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