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E-wave Mobile is an international IT company that focuses on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, cognitive Supply Chain Management (SCM), and integrated hardware and software solutions.
At HKK we are passionate people aiming to optimize and support operations in Retail, Logistics and Manufacturing, while implementing Blue Yonder products and HKK own solutions.
SySoTech was built on the foundations of system and operational experience. Being the customer for many years has given us the edge on bringing teams together when implementing and optimising software in the logistical arena for our clients. We bring together function and applied theory to provide sustainable solutions that drive key operational improvement.

Socius24 is recognised as the ‘Dispatcher WMS Customers’ Partner of choice’ sells, implements, upgrades and supports the Blue Yonder (formerly JDA and RedPrairie) suite of Supply Chain Software. Backed by a team of experts we provide WMS, 3PB, WLM, YMS & USP software and services across the Globe.

Open Sky Group is a global specialist in Blue Yonder (formerly JDA RedPrairie) supply chain platform. We offer a unique methodology of disciplined agility and a no modifications approach that enables rapid implementation and upgrade of Blue Yonder WMS, WLM, WFM and TMS for a faster return on investment.

Dispatcher WMS

Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS is a highly configurable, flexible packaged WMS solution that provides end-to-end inventory, warehouse task management control, including powerful raw materials and work-in-process management and finished goods processing. Installed in more than 50 countries around the world across all industry verticals.

Third Party Billing

Third Party Billing is a complete, flexible and powerful Logistics Billing solution that is part of the Blue Yonder suite of applications. User interaction is through a rich web-based front end; the database back-end is highly configurable to allow complete flexibility when defining the billing processes required.

Warehouse Labour Management


Warehouse Labour Management is an extensive labour scheduling and reporting solution designed to help management personnel maximise employee performance and facility operation through improved planning, workload balancing, real-time feedback, and productivity reporting.


Extended Yard Management

Extended Yard Management helps manage and track the flow of trailers and containers into, within, and out of yards.

Demand 360

Dynamic disaggregation enabled by state-of-the-art in-memory technology, to maximise visibility across multiple planning levels while minimising the effort to make top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up adjustments

Category Management

Blue Yonder’s category management solutions support retailers and suppliers by offering practive, analytics-driven insights as they plan categories and customer-centric assortments that match buyer demand and preferences at a localised level

Warehouse Management

Lead the shift with warehouse management, which empowers you to deliver consistently high service at a low cost. Drive change with real-time transaction processing, optimised storage and selection strategies, optimal warehouse tasking and integrated labour and workforce management all delivered on a modern UI and leveraging the power of the digital platform to extend capabilities enable customer specific use cases.

Assortment Optimisation


Assortment Optimisation delivers true space awareness and unmatched flexibility to meet a wide variety of business scenarios at any level of product hierarchies. Using the latest point-of-sale (POS), market and consumer
demographic data, the application produces clusterand channel-level assortments with space-aware capabilities so you and your trading partners can streamline category analysis and decision making.

Enterprise Supply Planning

Enterprise Supply Planning generates a master production plan that helps orchestrate production, distribution & procurement across the supply chain to maximise demand satisfaction, minimise costs & maximise asset utilisation while simultaneously respecting material and capacity constraints.

EMS/Event Mgmt for Dispatcher

EMS / Event Management for Dispatcher is a web-based solution that helps you proactively manage your logistics operations by notifying you, through various methods, to critical system and operational actions at the time that they occur.

Demand & Fulfillment


Demand delivers time-phased forecasts, organising and delivering proactive, prescriptive insights towards improving forecast accuracy. Demand helps organisations develop a collaborative forecast that effectively predicts and shapes consumer-driven demand across segments, and throughout complete product lifecycles. By segmenting orders by product, geography, and channel, Demand helps to allow companies to apply resources strategically and profitably.

Fulfillment optimises inventory and replenishment planning to create time-phased inventory plans that respect multiple time horizons (days, weeks, and months) and that recognise the inter-dependencies of the network on customer service and inventory investment.

Luminate Control Tower

Leverage machine learning to resolve supply chain disruptions utilising network-wide visibility, collaboration and orchestration. To stay ahead of today’s supply chain complexities, you need to manage what you don’t see, plan for what you don’t know, prioritise unlimited options, and execute to align for success. Luminate™ Control Tower gives you insights to discover, interpret, and act on real-time information from the entire digital ecosystem, including third-party data sources. Machine learning (ML) empowers prescriptive resolutions to supply chain challenges, taking prioritisation and impact analysis into account.

Transportation Management

This robust solution enables you to transform your transportation operations by managing end to end business processes from modeling to planning to last mile delivery. Visibility into inbound and outbound transportation needs along with supplier and carrier collaboration tools, deliver a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities available across your entire supply chain network.

Integrator for Dispatcher

Integrator for Dispatcher is the unique interoperability and integration tool for the Supply Chain Execution application suite. Integrator is a standalone product through which the SCE suite of applications communicate with each other, with legacy host applications and with external enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications such as those developed by SAP and Oracle.

Workforce Management

Increase your workforce visibility with Blue Yonder’s Workforce Management delivered on the Luminate Platform. Powered by Microsoft Azure, best-in-class forecasts and advanced scheduling capabilities provide automated and rapid responses to unexpected swings in demand so organisations can optimise operations without sacrificing customer service. Flexible scheduling options meet changing expectations of the workforce. Mobile delivery keeps associates engaged, increases productivity and supports the organisations ability to recruit and maintain top talent.

Luminate Warehouse Tasking

Enables task optimisation through AI and machine learning by bringing together actual work tasks, travel distance, task duration and completion time, coupled with real-time positioning of people, machines and inventory, resulting in balanced, prioritised and prescriptive tasks to eliminate congestion and improve completion throughput.

Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) provides a cross-functional approach to integrated business planning that seamlessly incorporates all moving parts across the supply chain. Develop actionable revenue, cost and margin targets and unite the entire supply chain around achieving them.


Sequencing is a production scheduling solution that generates a synchronised, demand-driven manufacturing schedule that optimises materials and resource capacities across each stage of the manufacturing process. The solution best applies to process manufacturing environments with sequencing and changeover challenges with limited production stages.